Online Platform with associated database and mapping features.

The project will develop an on-line platform that will include the information registered through the mobile app, but also a website that will present the project, its informative contents and outputs, its partners, funders and the aims and objectives to the virtual audiences. It will be on-line and fully functional by the end of month 13. It will be fully web 2.0 enabled and available in all partner languages (English, Portuguese, French and Spanish). Partners will translate the contents.
It will be used as a repository tool for both project partners and audience throughout the project life-cycle and function as a project library where all documents, outputs and reports are stored for consultation or reference purposes. It will also store for easy access the webcasts of the purposed meetings/discussions, training materials, and the multiplier events. It will be used to calendar all up-coming events and schedules in the project development plan.